Friday, 13 May 2011

I personally think it's tacky to wear diamonds before i'm forty.

Still Stalking Abbey-Lee as you can see, but i love her and true love lasts a lifetime!
Im also still lusting after the YSL ring, you will be mine, oh yes you will!
Anywhooos since Blogger deleted this post already i honestly can't remember what i wrote, oh dear, well a picture is worth a thousand words and i've got 7,8,9 pictures? You do the Maths! ( yes thats right i put an 'S' on the end of maths because i am English and this is how we speak)
Loving the bracelets in the 4th piccy, i found them on some horidiously over priced jewellery website that Vogue reccomended and i thought hey, thats a bead and a bit of string surely my expensive private education had taught me to do that! soooo yesterday i ordered the beads and whatnot and i shall post my creative endeavour subito!
Check out Margaux Lonnberg ( blonde chick in the photo) she's the BEB and I mean BEB behind The Killing Moon she dresses like a dude but has hair like a fairy!

Butler and Wilson
The Killing Moon
Google pics
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  1. Such beautiful things! And I love Breakfast at Tiffany's :)

  2. Just found your blog and I'm lovin' it already!
    Those rings are gorgeous! I want them! and that metalic silver nail varnish! So edgy!

  3. me too, your blog its so greeat, love it, the rings are so cool, want them all, we could follow each other !!please follow me and tell me what do u think about mine:
    I'll totally follow back
    x from Spain

  4. It's hard not to stalk abbey lee.

  5. LOVING that first picture.

  6. Nice stuff you have! brilliant ring is just stunning!


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