Thursday, 31 March 2011

Flavours of the month

These are just a melange of favs from the present crop of editorials. LOVE LOVE LOVE LANVIN, that collection has to be one of my favourite of the past 5 years, very feminine but at the same time modern, what can I say? I love LANVIN! And then just some beautiful photography, fashion, styling etc. that brightened my day, I sincerely hope it brightens your's too!

Anastasia kuznetsova by wee khim for nuyou singapore april 11
Anna Selezneva by Hedi Slimane for Vogue Japan May 2011
Scarlett Davis by Molly Dickson in La Roca
Kate Moss for Vogue Japan May 2011 by Mert & Marcus
Ylonka Verheul & Jeneil Williams by Ben Weller for Pony Step
Anja Rubik for Apart Jewelry 2011 by Marcin Tyszka
Masha & Gabrielle by Max Abadian for Dress to Kill

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Let them eat cake

Ok so I know she didn't actually say that but it's the quintessential MARIE-ANTOINETTE phrase and I couldn't resist. I'm well aware that i can't actually live in Versailles, all of that 'you're not French!'& 'National Heritage and History' nonsense. So until they come to their senses and I book the moving van I can dream can't I?
The fact that this Austrian princess reigned over 200 years ago yet she is still relevant in today world of fashion i think is particularly poignant. I'm not denying that Sophia Coppola's macaroon encrusted, pastel orgasm, fairytale of a film didn't help to re-vamp the image, but still every girl wants to be a princess.
There's something about Versailles that encapsulates this dream, and held my interest,desires,hopes,wishes etc. for quite some time not (GREAT! place to propose, non?)

Annie Liebovitz for Vogue US
Fountain in the Gardens of Versailles
Kirsten Dunst in Sophia Coppola's 'Marie-Antoinette'
Marie-Antoinette by Jean-Baptiste Gaultier
Ashley Smith for Ellery Fall 2011 Campaign by Paul Empson
Hall of Mirrors
Manolo Blahnik shoes for 'Marie-Antoinette'
Vogue US
Annie Liebovitz for Vogue US
Wildfox Campaign

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Let's not joke now, she's an absolute BEB both on and off the runway and has one of the best off-duty model styles of them all. I Thought she was fab in the Rag & Bone Recent campaign which recruited some of the best models to shoot their own advertisements Sasha, Lily, Abbey etc, I'm sure you've seen it already, in fact the pope of personal style blogging Rumi Neely of has shot one aswell!
Anyway GUARDA! and drool over my girl crush of the month!

Rag & Bone Spring '11 Campaign
Street Style
Mania Mania Reve 2011 Campaign by Barney Roper- Fashiongonerogue
Hugo Boss Spring Campaign - Fashiongonerogue
Stockholm street style
Versace Spring Campaign- Fashiongonerogue
Stockholm Street Style

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sun Welcoming Me Back

Due to ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE TIMING, I was not in Milan during Fashion week, instead had a cheeky few days on the slopes in Switzerland. So Imagine my horror to find that not only had I completely, utterly, inconceivably, unforgivably missed fashion week, but that the Missoni Show had been held at one of my University Buildings. OUTRAGE!
It was lovely to see the first beams of Italian sun ushering in Fashion Week and encouraging those blessed with a strong immune system to brave the cold and demonstrate the must have style for the summer.
Keeping with the European theme, here are my fav street style piccies and march editorials. ENJOY!

Stockholm Street-style
Face Hunter
Clemence Poesy
French Vogue Beauty Editorial
Olga Sherer in Dolce & Gabbana for Russian Vogue
Anais Poulior by Emma Tempest for Volt

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ethereal Glamour

This Waterhouse is Perfect it could have had the power to be totally serene but the angst in the woman's face completely changes the effect

Rachel Gilbert designed my dream wedding dress and then it went into the net-a-porter sale, However tempted I was the thought of buying my wedding dress at 20 felt like tempting fate just a little too much.

Florence embodies the whole concept of the ethereal such a spritely figure with such a powerful voice and an incredible lyrical ability. SUCH a girl crush you have no idea.
John William Waterhouse, The Lady of Shallot
Mulberry Campaign
Rachel Gilbert, Danae embellished silk-chiffon gown
Sienna Miller, American Vogue 2006 
Michael Kors, Rose Gold-plated watch
Kathleen Wilke
Blake Lively in Chanel
Florence Welch of Florence & the Machine
Valentino Campaign
Mulberry Tillie
Me posing with the Gods

Time and Time again i'm drawn back to the idea of the Ethereal, of being as tangible as air. But let me stop you there because that is not simply enough, one much also remain firmly on the ground exuding GLAMOUR not just a melancholy need to drown yourself in the nearest river. E Voila! here is my interpretation...

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